Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tea with the Bride-to-Be!

A Bride-to-Be and a Sip of Tea!

In honor of our lovely co-author Grace 
walking down the aisle soon
I thought it was appropriate to share a glimpse into her bridal shower. 

Bridal showers are wonderful.
They are happy
A time to celebrate love

But lets be honest, 
for the bridesmaids who have to plan it
It can be a bit intimidating and a lot of pressure. 

So here are my stress-free tips to planning a bridal shower

Tip #1: Pick A Theme
Parties that have a theme are so much fun! They set a tone for your event 
and it allows your guests to get involved.
 Why not suggest a certain attire? 
 If your theme is a fiesta.. suggest tropical attire or sombreros.
Hosting a brunch?....sundresses
A traditional shower? ..suggest that the guest wear the brides wedding colors.
Make it fun!
For Grace's shower we choose to have a Tea Party theme!
On the invitation we suggested wearing your favorite tea attire of sundresses and hats!
Everyone loved dressing up.

Tip #2: Pick a Color Pallet
By picking a color pallet you can enhance your theme and make everything cohesive.
By adding to make colors in the mix, your decor might end up looking mis-matching and confused. 
Keep it simple. 

For the tea party we focused on light pink and pastel purple.

Tip #3: Details, details, details
Decor can set the mood for your guests. No need to go crazy on the budget. Its amazing what a little tissue paper, candles, and flowers can do. Keeping your theme and colors in mind will help guide you. You cant go wrong.

Try a chalk board sign, homemade bunting banner, and mason jars with flowers for easy decor.

We were so blessed to have our cousin Emily Moher 
create these BEAUTIFUL flower arrangements for the tables!

Tip #4: Food
This aspect of party planning can be the most stressful and lets be honest, pricey. 
The best way to keep your guest and your wallet happy is quantity over variety. Keep your menu simple. 
Most showers are hosted in the afternoon or late morning when its common to have a lighter lunch. 
Think finger food. Something that the guests can socialize and eat at the same time.

We served a fruit salad, veggie platter with dip, deli roll ups (aka pin wheels), pasta salad and a variety of dessert items. This menu was simple and best of all we could do a lot of the prep work the day before. 
 For beverages we served hot tea, ice tea, 
lemon and cucumber infused water and wine (well it is my family after all)

I hope you found some of these tips helpful when planning your event.

Congrats Grace! We are so excited for your big day!

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