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Welcome to The Modern Dame! 

A place where three twenty-something dames share their experiences in home, health, and happiness... 

Meet the Dames!


I am a twenty-something gal who's passion is in family, teaching and living a healthy lifestyle!
I am a wife and a mother to three beautiful silly little girls. My family and I are proud Minnesotans and love spending time in the great outdoors. With having a family, living a healthy and affordable lifestyle is key. I believe to survive as a modern dame in this world you need to have a balance in your life between family, faith and fun. I hope to help you simplify your life, enjoy the simple pleasures and save money in the process!



My name is Grace. I am a twenty-something year old modern dame who is engaged to a "soon to be" Navy sailor. I am currently in a Yoga Certification YTT 200 training course. My perfect day includes tea, easy healthy meals, singing my heart out, and the outdoors. I am also an owner of an extremely spunky German Shepherd. One morning I had the realization that I not only wanted to survive the daily grind, but THRIVE! I got inspired through fitness, meditation and positivity. Through this blog I hope to reach out and help those who feel that they are lacking in wellness and share my tips for being a healthy and happy modern dame.


Well I’m a twenty-something modern dame with an old soul.  I am all about the DIY, creativity brings joy to my life. I love that moment when inspiration hits, inevitably it’s always at the wrong time, like in the middle of the night, or while I am writing contracts at work, but when it hits I can’t wait until I have a little free time to get started. For me, keeping my DIY’s on the lowest budget possible is almost like a game, thrift stores, garage sales, and hand me downs are what I live for! I hope to send some inspiration your way with a little life, a little love, and a whole lot of crafts!


  1. Wow! This looks like a great site that I can pass along to my daughters-in-law! Of course I will keep checking in to learn about homemaking on a budget and DIY projects. : )

    Congratulations on pulling this together - YAY!!


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