Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY: Inspiration Board

Lately I have realized that I have lost my motivational momentum. I have found when I frequently view images and encouraging words that I get more done and eat cleaner. In honor of my yearning to keep on the path of success I have started my fiance and I decided to create an inspiration board for our living room. I encourage you to try to make one as well!

  • Cork board ( to keep the look classy purchase one with a frame)
  • Flat tacks
  • Magazines that inspire you

  1. Hang up cork board in a frequent focal point of your home. 
  2. Go through your magazines and cut out pictures and words that give you that feeling of motivation. (you will recognize it as the feeling you get that you want to start doing your dream activity this instant!)
  3. Tack the pictures up in a way that makes your board pleasant to look at.
  4. You are done! Feel free to add or remove pictures and words as your goals change!

Hint: When creating your board please put up healthy inspirations. You should put up things that inspire you to do beautiful things in your life and to lift you up, not beautiful people you want to look like and shoes you want to buy. You need to look within for happiness.

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