Monday, February 24, 2014

Wellness: The Power of Aloe!

For those of you who do not know me personally,
my daughters and myself suffer from eczema.
My whole life I have been battling my darn sensitive skin
and nothing has seemed to help.
I've tried the different  prescribed steroid base cream,
but putting so much of that on my skin always made me feel uneasy.
 There must be a better and natural way to reduce inflammation.

One way to reduce inflammation of the skin
is changing your diet.
The other is using all-natural remedies.. like aloe!

Oh Aloe, aloe, aloe....
...such a small weird looking plant..
...but so much POWER!!

Many of you know aloe from your makeup and lotions.
It has great healing properties for skin inflammation, burns and sunburns!
(nice, huh?)

Aloe can be bought in stores,
but why buy aloe when you can grow your own?
and it keeps reproducing!!

Yes, ladies! Aloe can be grown as a house plant!

Extracting your aloe is easy. Simply cut off a a leaf and make a slit lengthwise.
Squeeze the gel out and apply to skin!  

 All natural and soothing!

Start your plants now and you'll be set for summer!

Happy natural healing!

*If you are taking other herbal remedies, please consult your doctor to make sure aloe will not interact negatively with your current prescriptions and herbal remedies. Do not have children ingest aloe orally. Please consult pediatrician before use.

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