Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wellness: Tips to Survive Valentine's Day

Oh Valentine's Day, 

That one day a year that supposed to be full of love,
big romantic surprises, and admiration...

..but sadly the reality of this day for most of us
ends in disappointment...

Why is that?

I feel that most of us put so much pressure on this day.
-- If we are single, we dwell on the fact that we may not have that special someone 
to romance us and left with a feeling of  loneliness.
-- If we are in a relationship, we are often disappointed when our high-expectations for romantic gestures are left unmet by our significant other. 

Ladies, perhaps this sounds familiar? 

Here are some tips to get you out of the V-day blues and hopefully relieve some of that added pressure. 

1. Look at Valentine's Day like any other day of the year
Why is February 14 so darn special? This day does not define you or your relationship. This day only has as much significance as you let it.  If you are in a relationship, let everyday be an opportunity to show your love to one another, not just this one day. How your significant other expresses his or her love for you on a daily basis is probably how they will treat you on Valentine's day. Don't put that added stress and pressure on this day, it ends up making this day more of a chore then an enjoyable occasion for them.. If they do change things up and surprise you, be gracious and let your expectation go. 

2.  Pursue your significant other
Ladies there are no rules of dating anymore! If you have a specific vision on how you want this day to be celebrated, feel free to surprise them! You can always communicate with them and plan this day together.

3. Avoid sappy romantic movies
I know I love them too. But if you do choose to indulge in some good ol' chick flicks, just remember that this isn't reality. Relationships are hard and messy. They will never compare with the Hollywood version of love.

4. Try staying off social media
I love Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as much as the next person, but lets be honest, these social media outlets are not always good for us emotionally. Don't find yourself getting caught up comparing how you are celebrating (or not celebrating) to others. Your life and relationship is different then everyone else. This will only leave you feeling unsatisfied and disappointed.  Plus it's good to unplug once in a while to relax. Enjoy something for you. 

So ladies, take a moment to strip away all your expectations so you can do more then just survive Valentine's day.
 Do something for you and just relish in love.... love for those around you...most importantly... love for yourself!

Sending love to all you Dames!

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