Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wellness: Create a Morning Routine

 Rise and shine ladies!
 Waking up isn’t easy but you’re heading out into the world eventually so why not create a morning routine to help you succeed.
                 1. Drink a glass of water (optional: add some lemon juice to help detoxify)
  -Rehydrates the body after 8 hours of sleep.
  -Helps to detoxify the body and wash out impurities.
  -Wakes up the digestion system.
  -Prevents sickness. A dehydrated body is not going to fight off infection easily.

-                  2.  Exercise is important to give your body energy to accomplish your daily activities.                                                                                -          You’re more likely to achieve a daily workout routine if you workout first thing in          -                            the morning. Anything from a yoga session to a trip to the gym gives your body a boost.
                   3. Meditation is a great way to gain insight into your daily goals and create a positive mindset.
               -Take 3 minutes to sit and think. I read a daily motivational quote book to get my   
                  brain in a positive mindset. This is your time to listen to what your body needs.
      -Everyone has experienced those days when you’re rushing out the door on an empty 
O         stomach with a cup of coffee. You start your daily activities and your already          O   thinking about lunch.
       -Breakfast should be your largest meal. It fuels the body for the day to come and         O   starts your metabolism, hence why you’re hungry two hours after.
       A great way to ensure a proper breakfast on a time crunch is to pre-make your        O      -     meals so you can grab and go. 

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