Friday, January 10, 2014

Wellness: Tips to Survive Aunt Flow's Monthly Visits

Aunt flow, discharge, that time of the month, the curse..
These words make most of us cringe. Lets face it ladies, having our menstruation cycle is not fun.
I have decided to show my ladies some counterattack methods to surviving the monthly ritual. 


I swear by the free application called OvuView that I have downloaded on my phone. 
This application helps you to conveniently :
  • Keep track of future menstruation and ovulation dates.
  • Track weight, headache, appetite, PMS and other symptoms.
  • Inform you so next time you go to the doctor your not playing the infamous guessing game. "uhh.. I think i got it last Wednesday doctor..?"
Yoga to Ease Pain:
Its better for your body to relax in cleansing time and focus on relaxing poses.
Grab a blanket, two pillows(or a body pillow), your computer and some relaxing music and enjoy!
Hint: I play this on mute with Pandora Yoga Channel in the background.

Foods for Cramps:
  • Celery helps to keep your body from keeping water weight.
  • Salmon helps fight your body against swelling.
  • Dark chocolate that is over 70% cocoa will help relax your muscles.
  • Drinking water will help your body stay regular.
  • Green tea will help to soothe your cramping muscles.
  • Hummus will help to lift your mood and give you a good nights sleep.
AVOID: diary, caffeine, sugar , alcohol, and red meat.

To be happy and healthy your body needs some tender loving care so stay informed and feel free to comment below with questions or comments!

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