Friday, January 17, 2014

Wellness: New Years Goals and Resolutions

Once the holidays are over a sense of renewal and lightness hits me. This time of year is dedicated to focusing on what your goals are for the coming year! Sound overwhelming? Don't know where to begin? Below I have listed some goals to consider.

1. Meditate More:
If your like most women meditating seems like almost a waste of time and  possibly somewhat silly. Listening to our bodies and tapping into our feelings is something that society has taught us is somewhat unimportant. 
I have tried it and love how much more in tune I am with my feelings. Its a slow process but extremely worth it. Below are books and video logs to get you started:
2.Monthly Goals:
Making a huge monthly goal is overwhelming and 9/10 you won't stick to it because your goals will change throughout the year. I set one goal for the month and focus on sticking to it. If you can learn to stick to that goal for the whole month than you are more likely to continue it as a habit.

3.Listening and Speaking Ratio:
Make a goal to try to become a better listener. It can be hard to slow down and think about your thoughts and what people are saying before loudly expressing yourself. Take this year to revisit your communication skills. What could you learn by listening to others before you speak a well meditated thought? You will gain more credibility and find yourself feeling more established.

4.Learn to Go with the Flow:
I often find myself looking at my very detailed and scheduled calendar and wonder why I feel the need to control my time. For the new year I am establishing a few daily goals and focusing on achieving those before the days end meanwhile allowing life's unpredictability to happen.

5. Ease Out of a Caffeine Addiction:
Your probably laughing or crying at the mere thought of achieving this goal. I believe in you to achieve this! Caffeine is bad for you but even I can't help but have the occasional cup of coffee throughout the day. Some fantastic ways to curb your cravings are:

  • Invest in tea that is coffee flavored. Tea has half the amount of caffeine and yet you will still have that coffee taste.
  • Invest in quality decaff coffee.
  • Drink flavored water.
Health Hint: quitting caffeine will bring some unusual side effect such as depression, fatigue, headaches and irritability but stay strong!

6.Embrace Sleep:
Despite popular belief sleep is more than a waste of time. Sleep helps your body rejuvenate and is extremely important. I know the night brings quality productive work time but give your body 8 hours! It will thank you in return with more energy and clarity!

7.Make Time for Physical Fitness:
Your body benefits from exercise both mentally and physically. It produces a chemical in the brain that is associated with happiness and clarity. Who doesn't need more of that!?

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