Friday, January 24, 2014

Wellness: Follow Your Fears

This past weekend I auditioned for the television show The Voice. I drove 7 hours and woke up at 5 am day of the audition. Then I waited in line for hours all for the chance to sing for 45 seconds to a group of 11 people. I did not receive the beloved "golden ticket" but it was far from a waste of time.This experience opened my eyes to just how important fearful experiences are. Experiences that frighten you,that cause you anxiety, that you need to work towards, that scare you until your pale in the face, that make you second guess yourself...

I am proud of myself because I gave it my all and failed. I am proud of myself for practicing every night for months forcing myself to use self discipline . I am proud of myself for putting myself in a vulnerable state. I am proud of myself for looking at my biggest fear and forcing myself to face it. 

"expose yourself to your deepest fear. After are free."- Jim Morrison

I am sharing this journey to you because having fear shows us the things we must overcome. The only way to grow is to confront your fears otherwise you will live a life of excuses. I hear way to many loved ones saying " I am not the type of person to do that.."or " I am not good enough to do that.." before they even attempt to try.

This experience was overwhelming because I learned to control my inner ego. Your ego is that voice in your head that tries to steer you away from positive feelings and life choices. I could have chose to have listened to my inner ego that was saying
 " Are you listening to that girl? or that guy? He is so much better than you!"
" You cant do this.. your going to make a fool of yourself".
These thoughts are only the beginning of the ridiculous ideas of self doubt that accumulate when you try to make steps towards a positive decision. This experience has fueled me to test myself and helped me gain skills I never would have gained if I would have let this opportunity pass due to fear.  I feel lighter and more empowered. I stopped and looked around at the mass crowd that was around me. In that moment i realized the beauty in the fact that we were all there for a common passion and all the heartfelt messages of support I received from close family members and friends.. When I slowed down my mind and stopped worrying about myself and my petty insecurities, I met interesting people who only wanted to encourage the people around them.

I urge everyone to do something that makes them want to run the opposite way. I guarantee it will be terrifying but if you start making excuses instead of working to test yourself you will never achieve the growth that you are born to achieve.

Me in the first of 4 lines
Only one of the lines.

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